Get to Know the Brazilian banknotes

This is the First Series of Real. Learn to identify it.

See below the notes' details


Hold the note up to light and an image will appear.
On the R$5 and R$10 notes, the Brazilian Flag will appear.
On the R$2 note, a turtle and the number 2. On the R$20,
a golden lion tamarin and the number 20. And on the
R$50 and R$100 notes, the effigy of the Republic.

Latent Image

Hold the note horizontally at eye level, with the left corner of the notes
facing you, and the letters BC, which were hidden, will appear.
On the R$2 and R$20 notes, you must place them frontally.

Raised Ink

Run your finger across some areas
of the note and feel the raised print.

Holographic Stripe

It can only be found on the R$20 notes. By tilting it, the images of
the golden lion tamarin and the number 20 in three different sizes will
appear on the bright stripe.

Coinciding Register

Hold the banknote up to light and you will see that the
image of the Coat of Arms shows up complete.
The parts printed on the back perfectly
match the ones on the front.