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International Technical Cooperation

Banco Central do Brasil´s International Technical Cooperation (ITC) mainly aims at enhancing the exchange of information and experiences with other central banks and similar institutions. At the Banco Central do Brasil (BCB), ITC is usually done based on a program or project structure, on bilateral or trilateral basis, but it may also consist in ad hoc activities focusing specific subjects.

In this regard, ITC may cover a wide range of topics related to central banks issues, which includes:
  • Economy;
  • Regulation;
  • Operational instruments and procedures; and
  • Banking supervision techniques and tools.
Among BCB activities to perform cooperation activities there are:
  • receiving and addressing ITC queries and requests;
  • structuring them into a program, project activity or work plan;
  • scheduling activities;
  • providing logistical support;
  • accompanying activities execution; and
  • evaluating results.

International Technical
Cooperation Office

Address.: SBS Quadra 3, Bloco B – Edifício-Sede
Brasília-DF – Brasil
Mailbox 08670 – CEP 70074-900