Economic Data - Download of the press release files

External sector, Monetary and credit and Fiscal statistics press realeses formats have been changed. In order to see the tables, the files must be downloaded in a compact format (ZIP).

In order to download the file, press left button of your mouse on the corresponding link and save the file in the chosen directory. Then, unzip the file as follow: ZIP file: use PKunzip or WinZip.

After unzipping, two files will be saved in your directory: a text file containing the text and the explanatory notes, an Excel spreadsheet file containing all tables and image file if exist.

In the following table, it is displayed the correspondence between the created files and the respective press releases:

Press release Name of the text file Name of the Excel spreadsheet
External sector statistics NI1-i.txt Press1.xls
Monetary and credit statistics NI2-i.txt Press2.xls
Fiscal statistics NI3-i.txt Press3.xls