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The History of Money in Brazil

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  Spanish Real

A silver Hispano-American coin that circulated officially in Brazil when the Portuguese and Spanish Crowns were under the same government, the Iberian Union (1580-1640).

    Crowned Stamp

From 1642, two years after the collapse of the Iberian Union, the kings of Portugal, Dom João IV and his successor Dom Afonso VI, took several measures related to money, including the stamping of Spanish coins. The stamp increased the value of the coin, and restricted its circulation to Portugal and its colonies.


The first coin minted in Brazil. Made in gold by the Dutch, when they occupied the Brazilian Northeast attracted by the wide sugarcane plantations in the region. It bore the name of our land engraved.



A silver coin produced by the Dutch in 1654, when they were surrounded by Luso-Brazilian forces in Recife. The Sold had the mark of the West Indies Company, a corporation responsible for the Brazilian Northeast invasion.