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Privacy Policy


The Privacy Policy of Banco Central do Brasil website ratifies the commitment of the Institution to its directives, especially concerning its consistency, transparency and professionalism.

2. This text aims to clarify the users about the terms of this policy, especially concerning the contents of records logged, the use of information collected and the use of cookies(*1).

I- Records logged

When the user connects to Banco Central do Brasil website, the following information is logged:

  • the date and time of the visit;
  • pages viewed;
  • the type of browser;
  • IP address(*2);
  • the action the user tried to execute (i.e. download of a document) and if the user succeeded;
  • the address of the referring website, in case the user was directed to Banco Central do Brasil website.

The following information related to electronic messages can be recorded:

  • e-mail;
  • user name;
  • user location (city, state and country);
  • subject;
  • message content;
  • IP address.

II - Use of Information

  1. The information collected by the Banco Central do Brasil website or provided by the user, is recorded and stored in our database, in accordance with safety standards and confidentiality and integrity policies.
  2. Personal or confidential information is treated by specialized and trained personnel, in accordance with ethical, legal and moral precepts. Supplying this information to a third party or using it for different means than those for which it was collected will only occur by command of courts of law. The employees who, for any reason, make inappropriate use of the information are subject to legal and disciplinary sanctions. The Institution may send messages to users, whenever necessary.

III - Use of Cookies

The use of cookies by Banco Central do Brasil website aims to facilitate navigation and to save users preferences. This use does not aim to monitor or identify users. It is important to emphasize that the user can, at any moment, use the browser features to block the installation of cookies and to notify when they are activated, without impeding navigation.

3. Banco Central do Brasil does not take responsibility for information available in other websites, indicated by links, and for their respective privacy policies, specially concerning the use of cookies.

4. Enterprises, organizations and institutions hired to perform services related to the Banco Central do Brasil website must observe our Privacy Policy and submit to it.

5. Questions related to this Privacy Policy may be forwarded to: Contact us.

*1 - A file saved on the users computer by a website to keep track of the actions performed during navigation.
*2 - Internet Protocol - a number given to the user session as soon as he connects to the Internet.