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Site organization

The homepage of the site is divided in areas showed in next image. Click a number to read more about each area.

13 13 12 12 11 11 10 10 9 9 8 8 7 7 6 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1

site organization

Areas de 1 thru 5 and area 13 are visible in all pages of the site. Other areas are visible only in the homepage. To go to the hompega click the BC logo (area 3).

Government bar

This bar identifies websites that are part of the Federal Government. It hast two links:

a) The Ministry of Finance website - on the left.

b) The official Brasilian Government website - on the right.

Government bar

Navigation bar

Enables users to quickly access pages of frequent use.

navigation bar

BC logo

The logo of Banco Central do Brasil is present in all pages. You can click it to go to the homepage.

BC logo

Seach engine

A seach engine is available on top of each page. It has the following characteristics:

a) Autocompletion. While you are typing some alternatives tha may match your search are suggested (below the search box). You can select one of the them by clicking it. Press the button to search site contents.


b) After pressing the button to search, a new page is open with the search results:

i. on the left side results found are presented.

ii. on the right side some filters are presented.

resultado da busca

Basic search

Type the words to be searched. Examples: exchange; inflation.

You can type also word fragments. Examples: searching for ance, you can find finance, maintenance, refinanced and balance.

Other databases are available for searchs. They use specific interface. Example: Time series

Advanced search

Clicking Advanced search, user will have the following aditional options:

a) "With word(s)": finds documents with the especified word(s).

b) "With expression": finds documents with the exact expression.

c) "Without the word(s)": will show only documents that don't have these words.

d) "Document type": will show only documents that are files of the selected tipe (doc; pdf, HTML...)

e) "Published within the dates": will show only documents that were published between the especified dates. Last date is optional.

f) "Result list order": will show first documents as selected.

busca avancada

Horizontal menu

The main menu is shown at the top of every page of the site. It presents the subjects available.

Passing cursor over a menu item will show subitems.

If you are unable to use "drop drown" menu, please see the sitemap.

mouse over horizontal menu opens subitems

Clicking a subitem that is a group of items will open all group items in a new page.

Example: The menu "Copom - Monetary Policy Committee" has several subitems: "Copom Minutes" and others.

menu and its subitems

Clicking a subitem that is a document will open the document



Shows the sequence of steps followed thru the site struture. You can click the previous link to go a upper level of menu.

Left side menu

Left side menu is shown only on the homepage. It has the following areas:


Links to matters selected by specific public, for example the Press.


Official channels

These are links to external sites, with official content of Banco Central do Brasil.

official channels


Show links to recent media, organized by type.


Education and culture

Cultural matters.

education and culture

Legislation and norms

Norms related to supervision of financial institutions in Brazil.

legislation and norms


At the center of the homepage, this section presents links to contents of great interest at the moment.

Those matters are show in sequence.

Click the number above to select one specific headline.



At the center-left of the homepage, this section presents matters of interest particularly for the Press in cronological order.

Click the title of a matter to show the text.

Click "More news" to show previously published news.



At the center-right of the homepage, this section presents matters of special interest.

Click the title of a highlight to access the content selected.


Current numbers

Shows current numbers of the brazilian economy related to the activities of Banco Central do Brasil.

For details, please click the links below the tables.

Current numbers 



The image represents the compliance with web standards for accessibility.


Open menu

At the bottom of the homepage we have included an open menu.

This allows the use of "Control+F" keys to find quickly menu itens.

menu expandido


At the foot of every page of the site some links are presented.

The purpose is to refer to pages that contain general useful information, such as information about copyrights.



Links are blue in web pages of this site. When already clicked links get brown.

To reset visited links to blue, you should clear your browser's "navigation history".

Browser version

Recent browsers are able to show every page of this site.

This site has been tested and is particularly well presented in the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 7 ou superior;

Firefox 3 ou maior.

Some options set in your browser may affect the way it shows this site.

Screen size

Site is best viewed in 1024 by 768 pixels.

Font size

Letter size is adjustable. Choose the preferred in your browser.

Please check your browser options.

For example, in Internet Explorer:

Browser options

Please enable the JavaScript option of your browser so that all features of this site will be working properly.

File formats

Several file formats are used in this site.

Some of them may need browser plug-ins or reader programs installed in your system. Please refer to the website ou your software provider to check for support availability.

File size are shown in Bytes beside each link to enable you estimate download time before click.

Printing pages

To print a web page, use the options of the browser. This site is built to automatically remove the header, top menu and footer when generating the version to print.

Link forward

If you wish to forward a link to a page of this site, you can use the short form: http://www.bcb.gov.br/?identifier. Where "identifier" is a tag created to shorten site links.

Examples (Shorten link - Matter):

  • http://www.bcb.gov.br/?EXCHANGE - Exchange and Foreign Capital page
  • http://www.bcb.gov.br/?INFLATION - Inflation targeting page


This site doesn't have a page with all downloadable files. Instead, files are available for download within menus.


If you have comments about this website, please use the form available in Contact Us. It is also available in the navigation bar, on the top of the web pages.

In case you need to send attached files, use the e-mail: webmaster@bcb.gov.br.


Accesskeys are available to accellerate site navigation. The following keys may be used:

  • 1 - Homepage
  • 2 - News
  • 3 - Site map
  • 5 - FAQ
  • 6 - Help
  • 7 - Ombudsman
  • 8 - Privacy
  • 9 - Contact us
  • 0 - Help about the accesskeys
  • I - Go to the top of current page
  • M - Go to the main menu

Use of these shortcuts may vary, for example:

  • Internet Explorer: press together Alt+Accesskey, release and then press Enter.
  • Firefox: press together Alt+Shift+Accesskey.


The accessibility level of a web page of this site may vary. An image at the bottom of the page may show the lowest (A), medium (AA) or highest level (AAA) of accessibility.