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Fraud warning

24/07/2009 11:21:00 AM

The Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) has been receiving questions about bonds it supposedly issued under the names “Certidão Conjunta de Valor Atualizado”, “Certificado de Repactuação” and “Declaração de Autenticidade”. Such bonds, which carry the logo of the BCB, have allegedly been signed by some members of the Board and by other Brazilian officials.

The BCB herein informs that it is not allowed to issue any kind of Bond or debt note, pursuant to Complementary Act of Congress 101, of 4th of May, 2000.

Furthermore, all bonds and notes issued by National Treasury and held in custody in the Special System for Settlement and Custody (Selic), managed by the BCB, are book-entry, electronically registered and negotiated bonds and notes.

Hence, documents with the characteristics stated above are fraudulent and do not represent debts issued by the Central Bank or by the Brazilian government. The Federal Police has been duly notified about such occurrences.