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Banco Central do Brasil, Departamento de Estatísticas, Divisão de Balanço de Pagamentos
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The Data: Coverage, Periodicity, and Timeliness

Coverage characteristics

The official reserve assets and the whole international reserves template are disseminated, in US$ millions.

Official reserves include the following assets: deposits, securities, gold, Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), other assets in foreign currency and reserve position in the IMF.

Up to October 2000, assets are recorded at their historical purchase cost; from November 2000 on, at market price. Credits related to Reciprocal Credit Agreement (CCR - included in reserve assets up to August 2012), at nominal price. Gold stock is valued at end-of-period London PM fixing. SDR assets are converted at the end-of-period par value provided by IMF.

The main source of data is the Central Bank of Brazil's accounting. IMF provides data on reserve position in the IMF.

The methodology of compilation observes the guidelines presented in “International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity: Guidelines for a Data Template” and in "IMF Balance of Payments Manual", 6th edition.


Daily for the position of official reserves assets (international reserves-international liquidity concept) and monthly for the reserves template data.


One working day for the position of official reserve assets.

Fifth working day or seventh day of the subsequent month of reference, whichever comes first, for the reserves template data.

Access by the Public

Advance dissemination of release calendar

An advance release calendar that gives one quarter ahead notice of the precise release dates is published on the website of the Central Bank of Brazil ( ), and on the IMF’s Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board ( calendar for the entire following year is published on each December issue of the Central Bank Press Release and on Central Bank's website:

Simultaneous release to all interested parties

Data on official reserve assets are disseminated every working day on the Internet at:

Monthly data on complete reserves template are firstly released on Internet and then presented at a press conference.


Dissemination of terms and conditions under which official statistics are produced, including those relating to confidentiality of individual responses

Law 4,595, dated 12.31.1964, ascribes to the Banco Central do Brasil the role of depository of international reserves. Later on, Federal Senate Resolution 82, dated 12.18.1990, in its 3rd article, single paragraph, defined the floor for international reserves, corresponding to four times the monthly import average in the last twelve months. Central Bank’s internal provisions defined transactions that can be carried out with reserve assets, imposing limits on the management of these assets. The degree of confidentiality of this data is defined by Central Bank itself.

The Banco Central do Brasil guarantees the confidentiality of the data related to individuals and financial institutions, in accordance to Law 4,595, article 38.

Law 4,595, National Monetary Council resolutions, and other rules issued by the Banco Central do Brasil, as well as accessory legislation, can be found in Portuguese on the Central Bank's website:

These laws are available to the public in Portuguese at the Internet page of the Presidency of the Republic, under search of decrees and laws:

Identification of internal government access to data before release

No other government agency has access to the data before they are released to the public.

Identification of ministerial commentary on the occasion of statistical releases

There is no ministerial commentary.

Provision of information about revision and advance notice of major changes in methodology

Data are final when first released and not subject to revision. Changes in the methodology used for calculations are published, but not in advance.


Dissemination of documentation on methodology and sources used in preparing statistics

Documentation on methodology is published in explanatory notes on the occasion of the monthly disclosure of data.

Dissemination of component detail, reconcilliations with related data, and statistical frameworks that support statistical cross-checks and provide assurance of reasonableness

The following series on official foreign assets are issued:

Press Release on the Foreign Sector:

  • Series on the position of official foreign assets (international reserves – international liquidity concept), containing monthly data of the current and previous year, and annual data for the other previous twenty years, showing also the corresponding numbers of months of imports, according to Senate Resolution 82, 3rd article, single paragraph, dated 12.18.1990;
  • Series on the statement of international reserves growth, containing variations in the position of international reserves of the current and the nine previous months;
  • Series on official reserve assets and other foreign currency assets positions with the composition and magnitude of a country’s foreign currency resources, including the authorities’ holdings of various types of financial instruments. Position of the reference month and the last four years;
  • Series on international reserves and foreign currency liquidity covering foreign currency inflows and outflows associated with monetary authority and supplementary information on positions and flows.

Annual Report:

  • It contains a graph showing the evolution of the official foreign assets (international reserves – international liquidity concept) for the last three years.


Series on the official foreign assets for the 1956-1970 period, on an annual basis, and for the 1971-2001 period, on a monthly basis. From February 1999 on, on a daily basis. This series can be requested by e-mail:


Summary page on observance and transition plan


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Quarterly bulletin






The Banco Central do Brasil Annual Report is a bilingual (Portuguese and English) publication available free of charge at the Central Bank library.


Electronic media




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Central Bank Foreign Sector Press Release


















Summary Methodology

Analytical framework, concepts, definitions, and classifications (including reference to applicable guidelines)

Concept: Reserve Assets are those external assets that are readily available to and controlled by the monetary authorities for meeting balance of payments financing needs, for intervention in exchange markets to affect the currency exchange rate, and for other related purposes

Classification: International reserves in the Central Bank are composed by monetary gold, SDRs and other assets in foreign currency, such as deposits (overnight, repurchase agreement in the FED, fixed-term), securities, credits related to the CCR (up to August 2012) as well as the reserve position in the IMF.

Methodology: The compilation methodology observes the IMF Balance of Payments Manual, Fifth Edition (BPM6). The official reserve assets and the complete reserves template are compiled and presented according to IMF International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity: Guidelines for a Data Template, published in 2013.

Scope of the data (coverage of, e.g., institutional units, transactions and stock, commodities, industries, and geographic areas)

Institutional coverage: Central Bank of Brazil has control on all reserve assets, but the position in the IMF.

Accounting conventions (e.g. time of recording, valuation methods)

Rates: Assets are valuated using the rates of the last business day of the month, converted to US dollar.

Valuation: Assets denominated in SDR, like the reserve position in the IMF, are valuated using the exchange rate given by IMF; gold assets, by London PM Fixing price; assets denominated in currencies other than US dollar are converted by the per value of the last working day of the month. Up to October 2000, assets are valuated using historical purchasing cost; and as from November 2000, by market prices. Credits related to Reciprocal Credit Agreement (CCR - included in reserve assets up to August 2012) are valuated using their nominal value.

Record criterion: Records are based on the cash basis, that is, the maturity data of the operation is taken into account for the reserves. The exception to this rule is the interests on securities, which are recorded on an accrual basis.

Evaluation and Re-evaluation Frequency: assets are evaluated daily.

Nature of the basic data (e.g., administrative records, surveys censuses, combinations of these)

The main source is Banco Central do Brasil's accounting. IMF provides data on the Brazilian reserve position with the Fund.

Compilation practices (e.g., weighting schemes, imputation methods, balancing/cross-checking techniques)

Not applicable.

Other aspects (e.g., seasonal adjustment, disclosure avoidance, base years, reference years, transformations from fiscal to calendar years)

Not applicable.