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Special Data
Dissemination Standard
Date of last update: 03/12/2002


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Tulio Josť Lenti Maciel
Organization Banco Central do Brasil, Departamento Econômico

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55 61 3414-1002 or 3414-1004

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55 61 3414-3754

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Check marks (x) indicate that the specifications of the SDDS for data coverage, periodicity, and timeliness are met. A number shows where Brazil has made use of the SDDS's flexibility on these elements or has presented plans to meet the specifications during the transition period. The table shows Brazil's present practice and a footnote indicates the use of the flexibility or the transition plan.

Category (and, if different, national descriptor) Coverage Periodicity Timeliness
National accounts   x x x
Production index   x x x
Labor market: Employment   x x x
Labor market: Unemployment   x x x
Labor market: Wages/Earnings   x x x
Price indices: Consumer prices   x x x
Price indices: Producer prices   x x x
General government or public sector operations   x x (1)
Central government operations   x x x
Central government debt   x x x
Analytical accounts of the banking sector   x x (2)
Analytical accounts of the Central Bank   x x x
Interest rates   x x ...
Stock market: Share price index   x x ...
Balance of payments   x x x
International reserves   x x x
Merchandise trade   x x x
International investment position   x x x
Exchange rates   x x ...
POPULATION   x x ...
(1) Brazil is taking a flexibility option for the timeliness of the General Government Operations. However, it is expected that the present timeliness will be reduced with the Fiscal Responsibility Law, recently approved in May, 2000.
(2) The timing gap of this category is a particular feature of the Brazilian legislation (Circular no. 3,097, dated 3.6.2002) which obliges banking institutions to present quartely balance sheets containing final statistics which are subject to official audit standard practices and control. As a result, the last month of every quarter is released 6 weeks after the reference month. For the other months, data are released 4 weeks after the end of the reference month.