Image of coins and currencies.

The Museum collection is composed of coins, bank notes and other printed monetary instruments, gold bars, medals and numismatic curiosities related to money and the technology involved in minting operations. These objects are classified into collections characterized as follows:

Brazilian coins and bank notes

6,400 réis (Commemorative Coronation Coin) 1822

The Money Museum has one of the most complete collections of Brazilian coins and bank notes, with items representative of all periods of the nation's history. This collection includes such rare items as the so-called "Peça da Coroação", of which only 64 coins were minted in commemoration of the coronation of D. Pedro I as Emperor of Brazil in 1822.

Foreign coins and bank notes

Chinese coins - IV to VII centuries b.c

Money reveals much of the cultural identity of different peoples -- their customs, values, historic figures, human types, economic resources, fauna and flora. This collection contains everything from ancient Chinese coins to the most recently issued modern currencies. The Museum's foreign currency collection allows one to accompany the technological evolution of money in the world, as well as the transformations through which the various peoples have passed over the course of time.

Other collections

Private signets

The other collections include objects closely related to the universe of monetary instruments, such as medals, honorary decorations, signets, monetary weights and types of merchandise that were once utilized as currency. They also include items representative of the different stages of the manufacturing process. This is the technology collection and encompasses original designs, matrixes, seals, monetary disks, security paper, color studies, continuous sheets, and so forth.


Largest Brazilian gold nugget

Banco Central is the entity responsible for the nation's gold reserve. Consequently, the Museum is in a position to exhibit gold bars, nuggets and other curiosities that reveal the true beauty, rarity and utility of this precious metal that has always been a source of particular fascination to man.

One of the highlights of the show is the largest nugget ever found in Brazil, weighing 60.820 kg (52.332 kg of contained gold). It was uncovered at the Serra Pelada mining site in the State of Pará.