Logomarca BCB

Complete glossary

Term Description
Abimaq Brazilian Association of the Machines and Equipment Industry
ACC Advances on Exchange Contracts
ACSP São Paulo Trade Association
ALADI Latin-American Integration Association
Anfavea National Association of Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers
ANP National Petroleum Agency
BCE European Central Bank
BID Inter-American Development Bank
BID* Inter-American Development Bank
Bird International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
BNDES National Bank of Economic and Social Development
BNDESpar BNDES Participações S.A.
BoE Bank of England
BoJ Bank of Japan
Cadip System of Registration of Credit Operations with the Public Sector
Caged General File of the Employed and Unemployed
Camex Foreign Trade Chamber
CCR Reciprocal Credit and Payment Agreement
Cerj Rio de Janeiro State Electricity Company
Cide Contribution on Intervention in the Economic Domain
CLT Consolidated Labor Legislation
CNAE National File of Economic Activities
CNI National Confederation of Industry
Cofig Export Financing and Guarantee Committee
Cofins Contribution to Social Security Financing
Cofins Import Contribution to Social Security Financing due by the Importer of Goods and Services
Compe Checks Clearinghouse. Further information.
Conab National Supply Company
Copom Monetary Policy Committee
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPMF Provisional Contribution on Financial Transactions
CRB Commodity Research Bureau
Decex Department of Foreign Trade Operations
DI Interbank Deposits
DJIA Dow Jones Industrial Average
DNIT Department of National Transportation Infrastructure
DRU Release of Federal Government Entitlements
Embi+ Emerging Market Bond Index Plus
EUA United States of America
FAT Worker Suport Fund
FBCF Gross Fixed Capital Formation
FCVS Wage Variation Compensation Fund
Fecomercio SP Trade Federation of the State of São Paulo
Fed Federal Reserve
FGC Credit Guaranty Fund
FGV Getulio Vargas Foundation
Fiesp Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo
FIF Financial Investment Funds
Finam Special Industrial Financing Agency
FITVM Funds Based on Investments in Securities and Stocks
FMI Financial Market Infrastructure
FMP Mutual Privatization Funds
FOMC Federal Open-Market Committee
Funcex Foreign Trade Studies Center Foundation
Gerin Investor Relations Group of the Central Bank of Brazil
GLP Liquefied Petroleum Gas
IBC-Br Brazilian Economic Activity Index
IBGE Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics
Ibovespa São Paulo Stock Exchange Index
IC-Br Commodities Brazil Index
Icei Industry Businessman Confidence Index
ICMS Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services
IED Direct Foreign Investment
IGP General Price Index
IGP-DI General Price Index – Internal Supply
IGP-M General Price Index – Market
IIA Index of Current Intentions
IIC Consumer Intentions Index
IIF 1) Institute of International Finance.
2) Index of Future Intentions.
IMF International Monetary Fund. Further information.
IMO International Maritime Organization
Inec Consumer Expectation National Index
INPC National Consumer Price Index
INSS National Social Security Institute
IPA Wholesale Price Index
IPA-DI Wholesale Price Index – Internal Supply
IPA-Industrial Wholesale Price Index – Industry
IPA-M Wholesale Price Index – Markets
IPA-OG-PI Wholesale Price Index – Overall Supply – Industrial Products
IPC Consumer Price Index
IPCA Broad National Consumer Price Index
IPCA-PI Broad National Consumer Price Index – Industrial Products
IPC-Br Consumer Price Index – Brazil
IPI Industrialized Products Tax
IRPF Income Tax on Individual Persons
ITR Rural Land Tax
IVG-R The Financed Housing Collateral Value Index – IVG-R measures the long term trend of the household’s houses in Brazil. The index is calculated using the evaluation data of housing loans that are granted to natural persons and collateralized by financed real estate. The IVG-R is constructed using information from eleven Brazilian metropolitan regions : Belém, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Goiânia, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador e São Paulo.
LCI Real Estate Exchange Bill
LFT Treasury Financing Bills
LH Mortgage Bills
LRF Fiscal Responsibility Law
LSPA Systematic Farm Production Survey
LTN National Treasury Bills
mbd million barrels/day
MDIC Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade
Mercosul Southern Common Market
MIB Milan Stock Exchange
Moderfrota Program of Modernization of the Farm Tractor Fleet and Like Implements and Harvesters
MTE Ministry of Labor and Employment
Nasdaq National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
NBCE Banco Central Note Special – Series E
NCM Common Mercosul Nomenclature
NTN National Treasury Note
NTN-B National Treasury Notes – Series
NTN-C National Treasury Notes – Series C
NTN-D National Treasury Notes – Series D
NTN-F National Treasury Notes – Series F
NTN-I National Treasury Notes – Series I
OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OIT International Labour Organization
Opec Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Pasep Program of Civil Service Asset Formation
Pasep-Importação Program of Civil Service Asset Formation levied on imports of goods and services
PEA Working Population
PF Individual Person
PIA-Empresa Annual Industrial Survey – Company
PIA-Produto Annual Industrial Survey – Product
PIB Gross Domestic Product
PIM Monthly Industrial Survey
PIM-PF Monthly Industrial Survey – Physical Output
PIS Social Integration Program
PMC Monthly Trade Sector Survey
PME Monthly Employment Survey
Prodilist Industrial Products List
Proer Program of Incentives to the Restructuring and Strengthening of the National Financial System
Proex Export Financing Program
RGPS Social Security General System
RMSP Metropolitan Region of São Paulo
S&P 500 Standard and Poor"s 500
Sars Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
SBPE Brazilian System of Savings and Loans
Secex Foreign Trade Secretariat
Selic Special System for Settlement and Custody. See more information.
TJLP Long-Term Interest Rate
USDA United States Department of Agriculture