Central Bank works of art collection

This collection is very important for Brazilian culture, since it contains representative works of the Brazilian Modernist movement, a landmark in the history of twentieth-century Brazilian art.

The purpose of this Virtual Gallery is to publicize the collection. So we invite you to enjoy this cultural legacy in which we take great pride.

The Collection

The Central Bank art collection comprises works received in the eighties as payment in kind for financial institutions' debts.
Of the approximately 4,500 works received, the 200 deemed more valuable and expressive were incorporated into the Central Bank's artistic assets at the suggestion of a technical commission formed by Professors Pietro Maria Bardi and Edson Mota, the aim being to secure their preservation and exhibition to the Brazilian and international community.

The Central Bank has disposed of the remaining works by auctions and donation to Brazilian cultural institutions, keeping a technical reserve for display in the working areas of the Central Bank.


The Central Bank collection is managed by Financial Education Department which is responsible for their safekeeping and maintenance, as well as research and promotion of events.

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