The National Financial System Organization Manual – Sisorf, elaborated by the Financial System Organization Department – Deorf, has as purpose to provide a source of information related to legal, regulatory and operational aspects concerned to acts that depend on the authorization of the Central Bank of Brazil, performed by financial institutions and other institutions authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil.

Sisorf aims to promote a better documentation of proceedings by giving both clearer and more detailed information, in order to facilitate the understanding of instructions, by either simplifying or including new procedures, which shall contribute to reduce further requirements intended to complement the documentation of proceedings, and, therefore, decrease costs to the public, financial system and Central Bank of Brazil.

This manual will be edited on a gradual basis, in chapters segmented in accordance with the matters subject to approval of Central Bank, so that current chapters available for reference may be restructured in order to adjust themselves to chapters under development.

Central Bank of Brazil
Deputy Governor for Financial System Organization and Control of Farm Credit
Financial System Organization Department

Note: The content of Sisorf does not replace the original texts of laws and regulations published in the Federal Official Gazette.