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Strategic planning


This section presents information related to the Strategic Guidelines of the Central Bank of Brazil (BC), as well as the Institution’s insertion in the Federal Government’s Multiyear Plan (PPA), both bridging the years 2016-2019.

The strategic planning at the Central Bank of Brazil aims to establish a focus for the activities of the Institution. The inputs for its formulation process took into account future challenges, changes occurred in the internal and external environments, and the directives emanated from the top management. The strategic plan is periodically reviewed, resulting in the strategic guidelines, as defined by a collective effort on the part of the Institution’s management and employees.

The strategic guidelines, as approved by the Board of Governors of the Central Bank of Brazil, comprise the mission, vision, organizational values and strategic objectives of the Institution. These guidelines are at the core of BC’s macro processes and are the base to define its strategic projects and the prioritization of available resources. Additionally, they foster improvements in management practices and the necessary changes in the organizational culture.

The strategic guidelines in force, as set in October 2015 and formulated for the 2016-2019 period, are the following:

  • Mission

To ensure the stability of the currency’s purchasing power and a solid and efficient financial system

  • Vision of the future – 2019

The Central Bank, for its autonomous performance and excellence, will be increasingly recognized as essential to the economic and financial stability.

  • Organizational Values

    • Integration – To foster cohesion and organizational collaboration, aligning efforts and sharing knowledge;
    • Ethics – To act with integrity, honesty and probity for the preservation of  institutional interests and the principles that govern the Public Administration;
    • Excellence – To continuously improve the standards of performance and quality of products and services;
    • Commitment with the Central Bank – To act with dedication and responsibility, focusing on the Institution’s interest;
    • Focus on results – To act with initiative and efficiency, prioritizing actions relevant to the objectives of the Institution;
    • Transparency – To communicate actions and decisions, in a clear and timely manner, observing restrictions of legal or strategic nature;
    • Social and environmental responsibility – To act respectfully towards citizens, employees and the environment.

  • Strategic Goals 2016-2019
    • To ensure compliance with the inflation targets set by the National Monetary Council;
    • To maintain the soundness, efficiency, and proper functioning of the National Financial System and of the infrastructure of the financial market;
    • To foster the financial citizenship and strengthen the relationship with  society and public powers;
    • To improve the legal framework for compliance with the institutional mission;
    • To strengthen the relationship and the international insertion of BC;
    • To improve governance, structure, management and internal communication of the Institution.

Institutional planning and its integration with the Multiyear Government Plan (PPA)

The Multiyear Government Plan (PPA), created by the Federal Constitution of 1988 (article 165, paragraph 1), establishes the structure of the governmental planning process, connecting it to the budgeting process (more accurately, to the Federal General Budget – Annual Budgetary Law). The PPA defines strategic directives, challenges, goals and guidelines for governmental action in a four-year time horizon. In the 2016-2019 PPA, the Central Bank of Brazil participates in one Thematic Program, two Management Programs, and three Special Operations.