RSFN - National Financial System Network (Rede do Sistema Financeiro Nacional)

RSFN is the financial system network created to carry the message flow throughout the environment of the Brazilian payment system. Institutions holding account at the Banco Central do Brasil, clearinghouses, the Secretaria do Tesouro Nacional (National Treasury Secretariat) and the Banco Central do Brasil are interlinked in real time, by means of this infrastructure. This technological platform is mainly used to access STR and SITRAF.

Under the operational point of view, two independent telecommunication networks compose RSFN. Each one operates as a backup service for the other, and both networks meet stringent security, availability and operational reliability criteria established by the Banco Central do Brasil. All participants are required to sign up for both relevant providers.

In order to monitor the network and promote its continuous development, three technical working groups have been constituted (network, messages and security). The Banco Central do Brasil has the exclusive right to co-ordinate them.

RSFN has a proprietary messaging protocol developed jointly by the Banco Central do Brasil, banks’ associations and clearing and settlement system providers. The message standard format is XML (Extensible Markup Language), which is a simple, very flexible text format. Among others, messages related to funds transfers, collateral pledges and securities transactions are sent through RSFN.